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In Jacobs’ series of interviews with some of today’s leading industry and academic problem solvers, we discuss the Ifs and Whens of disruption — those phenomena with the potential to unsettle the status quo, as well as those now imminent and emerging. This series features a variety of guests, including executives, celebrities, academics, astronauts, doctors, generals, musicians, engineers and scientists, all weighing in on a host of topics, from climate change, to data science, to creativity, to cybersecurity, and a whole lot more. Conversational and engaging, the If/When series from Jacobs seeks to provide a forum for the curious minded to hear from diverse voices on a diversity of subjects.

Meet the host

Paul Thies

Paul Thies, former Vice President – Marketing, Communications & Brand at Jacobs, is the creator, producer and host of Jacobs’ thought leadership podcast, If/When. He is an award-winning communications executive with multiple years of experience leading, supporting and coaching executives and teams in industries such as software, business intelligence, energy and telecommunications. 

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